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My hope is to interest and inspire you to discover the practice of YOGA. Yoga creates space for the alchemical experience of compassionately connecting body, mind and breath.

We practice aligning with our own true nature, with universal nature, and in our physical bodies using alignment principals to keep us safe and at ease in our movements. Through this process of unfolding in self-compassion to the experience of our own body, mind and breath we connect to the wholeness that is our true nature.

We practice listening to what our body says. We create physical space through stretching, inner space with the breath, and develop inner and outer strength.  We practice noticing the movements of the narrative mind we each have, and noticing that we have thoughts, but we are not our thoughts. These ancient but always fresh practices are part of effective self-care and are keys to being proactive in our own healing.

Yoga offers us something unique, powerful and accessible to anyone at any time.

Come and Rediscover yourself
Remember who you really are

Learning to balance effort & ease
Meeting you exactly where you are

Come join me for a class. I look forward to meeting you!